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How to MINT?

1. If you are a existing ETH PLC NFT holder - You mint for free!!!!

2. If you are a new minter - Price is 12 APT (APTOS) 
Note: Existing holder get the same copies of their ETH NFTs on APTOS and maintain your rarities.

Existing ETH holder ?

Step 1 : Click the 'connect wallet' button and connect your Metamask  wallet. You will be asked to sign a transaction and this will verify your PLC ETH NFTs.


Step 2 : Next you will be asked to connect your APTOS wallet. If you don't have one, select 'Petra' wallet from the list and follow the prompts  to install the plugin or app to setup the wallet. 

Step 3 : After you connect your APTOS wallet, sign the 2nd transaction, which will whitelist your wallet to mint for free!!

Step 4 : Add some APTOS tokens (APT) to your wallet. You can do this either from an exchange like Binance or Coinbase or use this site and convert ETH to APTOS directly.


Step 5 : Proceed to marketplace and mint your PLC NFTs on APTOS.  

New minter ?

Head over to , connect your APTOS wallet and mint directly. 

If you are new to APTOS, then follow Steps 2, Steps 4 and 5 from below. 

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