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God of war Proud Lion
God of war Proud Lion


Step into our cutting-edge Custom Metaverse – a living, breathing digital realm! With a whopping 1000-player capacity, spatial audio, and screen sharing, we've cooked up something extraordinary at Proud Lion Studios. Say goodbye to snooze-worthy AMAs in the land of Web2 – brace yourself for the full-throttle power of Web3! 🚀


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Proud Lions Club | Aptos NFT

Proud Lions Club (PLC), spearheaded by Proud Lion Studios, is a distinguished project within the Aptos ecosystem, acclaimed for its innovative Play-to-Earn Metaverse initiative, including a dynamic NFT collection.

Originating on the Ethereum blockchain and transitioning to Aptos, PLC grants access to the expansive Lionverse Metaverse and several engaging Play-to-Earn games, notably Roarlinko and Jungle Run. With a strong focus on enhancing ownership benefits, PLC differentiates itself through a unique rewards system that distributes company profits to its NFT holders, already surpassing $40,000 in payouts.

Additionally, the project supports staking, breeding, and morphing of NFTs to strengthen utility and engagement. Proud Lion Studios boasts a partnership with Warner Bros Studios and has won several Aptos Grants, further cementing its credentials.

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APTOS Grant Winners!

Diamond Proud Lion

Lions love meat, and it fuels our entire Lionverse ecosystem. Steak is an ERC20 token as well as an Off-chain token. Buy or earn Steak today!


Proud Lions Studios’ next-gen staking for NFTs. PLC is upgrading the whole ecosystem and creating a Gas-less Web3 staking platform.


Use your earned Steak tokens to play Roarlinko and win prizes in ETH, NFTs, IRL rewards and much more..

Play-2-Earn: Roarlinko

Looking to engage your community? Jungle Run brings together multiple NFT projects for cross-play P2E and PvP/PvE experience.

Cross-Community Game

The ‘Lioness Ritual’ is a unique perk given to all Lioness NFT holders. Sacrifice your chests and tokens for instant rewards in ETH and APTOS

Lioness Ritual

Pride Expansion is an innovative process that allows partnered projects to benefit from our ecosystem. Earn Steak tokens from other NFTs in your wallet.

Pride Expansion

Holders be will able to Breed their Lions and Lionesses to generate a Dynamic AI NFT in our Gen 2 collection 'ETHERNAL CUBS'


The Pride owns 6 Otherdeed lands. An exclusive Lionverse for Ethernal Cubs, set to launch with the ODK's release by Yuga Labs. Brace for a roaring adventure!



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Founder - Project Lead



Co-Founder - Chief Of Operations



Co-Founder – Events & Contest Expert



Co-Founder – Finance Lead



Full-stack/Blockchain Developer





Lead Artist


Celebrity Partner


Celebrity Music Partner


Web developer


Current Trends Expert


Content & Copywriter


Social Cause Manager


Beta Sapphire Lioness


Empowering Economies Through Web3 Innovation

At Proud Lions Studios, our mission is to help countries hit hardest by the pandemic, especially those that relied heavily on tourism. We want to provide new ways for people in these countries to earn a living by tapping into the potential of the web3 space. Our goal is to create modern job opportunities that can make a real difference in these struggling economies, helping individuals find stable and lasting prosperity.

Transforming Economies Through Web3 Possibilities

Our vision is to change the future for economies that have faced tough times. We see a world where these economies can recover and become strong by embracing the opportunities offered by web3 technology. Through our work, we aim to give people the skills and chances they need to succeed in a changing world. By introducing web3 innovations to these economies, we aim to empower them, encourage fresh ideas, and create a future of growth and fairness.


In collaboration with Voice for Voiceless, we've launched a sustained donation campaign to assist the people of Sri Lanka through their economic challenges. Having already provided nourishment for over 6000 individuals, our commitment remains unwavering to extend this support even further.

Moreover, our collaboration extends to the Women Empowered Project by Voice for Voiceless. This initiative empowers single mothers by offering them meaningful employment in the production of fabric materials. To aid this project, we're contributing essential equipment, raw materials, and machinery.

PLC's on ground team in Sri Lanka actively engages in monthly community kitchens. This hands-on involvement amplifies our impact by directly addressing hunger and ensuring sustenance for those in need. Together, we're making strides to bring positive change and alleviate the pressing challenges faced by the people of Sri Lanka.


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Kong Club

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Authorized Doxxed NFT certificate
Verified audited contract
  • What is a NFT?
    A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset that is stored and tracked on the blockchain. NFTs are used to represent ownership of virtual or physical items, like art, collectables, music, or even real estate. Proud Lions Club NFTs are unique digital collectables that can be bought, sold, and traded on the ETH blockchain.
  • What can i do with a Proud Lions Club (PLC) NFT?
    PLC is an NFT collectable with tons of utilities. PLC allows users to put their NFTs to work by staking or using them in our Play to Earn games. Holders will earn Steak tokens in return which can be exchanged for ETH, NFTs, IRL rewards and much more in the Roarlinko Machine.
  • What are Steak Tokens?
    As lions, it was only fitting that we have a token named after one of our favorite foods — steak. At Proud Lions Club (PLC), we love meat, and it fuels our entire Lionverse ecosystem. Steak is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that has multiple uses for both PLC NFT holders and non-holders. While the token itself has no liquidity pools as of now, it can be used to redeem rewards in the form of ETH, NFTs, IRL rewards, and more.
  • What is Roarlinko?
    Roarlinko is Proud Lions Studios' Web3 version of the classic TV game Plinko. Plinko is a game of chance where a ball is dropped into a pegged board and bounces down to randomly land in one of several slots at the bottom, each with a different prize value.
  • What is Jungle Run?
    A Web 3.0 gaming experience like no other. Jungle Run brings together multiple NFT communities for cross-play in a P2E and PVP environment. Get ready to choose an avatar from our partnered NFT projects or the one-of-a-kind Proud Lions Club NFTs. You unlock avatars by holding their NFTs in your wallet, each avatar comes with a default of 5 lives. The more of a particular NFT you own perks you unlock. Race through obstacle courses filled with rewards, challenges, and traps just like in traditional running games, but with a twist. Players from different communities can upgrade their avatar's abilities and skills, increasing their chances of earning more Steak tokens as rewards. Steak tokens, which is our ecosystem's main currency can be used to redeem rewards from Roarlinko. Read more
  • What is MONA?
    MONA or Monaverse is an Open Metaverse platform allowing creators like us to build a custom Metaverse experience for users. Proud Lions Studios builds its custom world and custom makes every corner of the metaverse, while Mona handles the backend servers and functionalities. With Mona, you can design and publish online experiences using common 3D creation tools. Experiences like virtual homes, avatars, art galleries, live event venues, games, meeting places, shopping centres, clubs, and more.
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